• About Polyglot Nation

    Our Motto: What Language Barrier?


    We know that language learning progresses best within a community setting, and being a global citizen is not just about traveling, but relationship-building. Community is a central piece of what we do.


    Learning to speak a foreign language can be difficult. Speaking that language with a native is often humbling. Having a dose of courage, a bit of fortitude and a lot of sincerity about connecting over language and culture goes a long way, and members of Polyglot Nation know this first hand.


    It's been said that perfection is the enemy of progress. Speaking and engaging within a pluralistic context is thrilling, but we realize that we don't have to know every phrase or execute all the right cultural cues to at least give it a try. Polyglots use what they know and improve along the way.

  • Literally, "many tongues," the term polyglot is used to describe a person who speaks or writes in multiple languages.

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    Effective communication skills, cross-cultural engagement strategies, and international education partnerships.

  • Who We Are

    We're on a mission to make learning languages fun!


    Kelicia loves a lot of things, and learning languages is one of them. It didn't start off glamorous though! Learning Spanish was an uphill, office hours every day, deans list crushing experience from the start. Yet, she kept pushing and graduated from high school with honors in Spanish. Fast forward to taking her dad's advice to learn Mandarin Chinese, and she was off on a language learning love affair. Between becoming fluent in both languages and moving on to Swahili and French, she's learned a few things: the most memorable language experiences are usually in informal settings, often include a little mix-up, and are shared with good natured people who accept you just because you try. She believes that language learning with an emphasis on community, sincerity, and perseverence will have individuals and businesses alike asking, "What language barrier?"

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